We thank you for your continuous support and patronage to our company.

We would first like to express our gratitude to all of our 1,000 and more important participants who gathered from all over Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend “ABE KOGYO’s 70th Anniversary Celebration”.

As our company proceeds every day, we have come to realize that we are here because of every single one of you. We could not have managed to be here without everyone’s loyal support.

Once again, on behalf of the company, I would like to express our gratitude for supporting us for 70 long years. I’m sure Kiyokuni Abe, founder of ABE KOGYO, would have been very pleased to witness this.

Fortunately we were involved in nearly 20,000 projects within a year up to last March, and have completed all projects thanks to everyone’s cooperation. We are proud to say that we are the best company in this industry in Japan, including the number of projects we’ve handled. We will continue to provide our high quality products and be able to deliver the final product on schedule without any corner-cutting work.

As for our coronate mission, our company make best effort to contribute in making Japan, the world and the society become a better place by starting an improvement revolution. Thereby, in the next 30 years up to our 100th anniversary, we will strive to become the best in the world and in Japan.

Our corporate mission is “Contribute to people’s pleasant and happy lives, by meeting the demands of wooden doors, fittings, furniture and making dreams come true.”

We also decided on 7 new businesses, 7 strengthening points and 7 products.

Thankfully, ABE KOGYO was able to start its 70th anniversary with the best beginning possible. We began our steps forward to another 10 years. Although our ability maybe be limited, we will continue to make effort in contributing to Japan, Indonesia, ASEAN and to the world with this organization, new business, and seven doors.

We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

Kiyomitsu Abe Chief Operating Officer ABE KOGYO

Held on April 28th, 2015 at Imperial Hotel Tokyo’s Peacock Room
From the greeting speech of “ABE KOGYO’s 70th Anniversary Celebration”
Entrusted and progressed since 1945

We, ABE KOGYO, were praised by our customers and accompanied by many of

our loyal customers by maximizing the beauty, sensibility, and functionality a “tree” possesses.

Striving to make a door beloved
by customers

In order to contribute to our customer’s pleasant lives,

we will renew our logo on our 70th anniversary and make a fresh start.

Looking for new possibilities of
what a door can be

The “Seven doors” leading to the future, was created from reliable techniques and prior credentials,

by believing in the new possibilities of doors and joint developing with nendo.

By adding ideas used from the various techniques and experiences our company possessed to makebasic doors, many by-products were created which literally “opened” new possibilities. Seven doors did not settle with one product but exploited the potential for future product development.

70th Anniversary
Memorial Ceremony

This video is from Company ABE KOGYO’s 70th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony

held on April 28th, 2015 at Imperial Hotel Tokyo.

We held an event using projection mapping.

We held a Door Design Contest as a corporate event to celebrate our 70th anniversary. We tried to create a new door design by including our members and member’s families into the contest. The main purpose was to motivate our members, but we ended up with many ideas worth dreaming. ABE KOGYO will continue to challenge new things with all corporate members working as one.